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I've gotten tired of explaining this, so I wrote it so I can refer people here.
The Year 2000 Crisis, or

The Sky is Falling!


Why does everybody lie to me?

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire


Ronald Reagan. George Bush. Bill Clinton. They all promised to balance the federal budget -- in about 3 or 5 years, shortly after they left office. Congress always goes along -- but always, only, to a time after the next election. It hasn't happened in a dozen years. Why do people keep believing these blatant lies?

Credit Problems


It'll take me a while to get wound up here, so here's a couple of items to hold you over. I've sent each of these to the President, although he hasn't invited me to spend the night in the Lincoln bedroom yet.

A U.S. Customs Trap


Actually, Clinton did have a honcho lawyer (head of the trial lawyers association?) visit him just a few days before he vetoed the watered-down legal reform act. His veto was over-ridden. The reform act basically makes it harder for people to sue a company just because the stock goes down. It was needed, but was certainly not much of a reform.

Oklahoma City Bomb